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Cpl. Sarah Webb, a motor transportation operator with Bravo Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 6, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, painted the first "Marine" rock at Fort Irwin and National Training Center, Calif., where the unit conducted a month-long training evolution recently. It is a tradition that once a battalion completes the training, they paint a rock with the unit's insignia, crest or motto. (Courtesy Photo)

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From pastels and paint brushes to trenches and bushes

2 Mar 2011 | Cpl. Melissa A. Latty

When looking at a formation of Marines, they all look the same. They are dressed the same, they move the same and they even sound off the same cadence. Everything is done in unison and no one stands out.

Outside of these formations, however, these Marines are individuals. They have diverse personalities, come from different walks of life and have various hobbies.

Cpl. Sarah Webb, a motor transportation operator with Bravo Company, Combat Logistics Battalion 6, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, grew up with a love for art starting at a young age.

“I have always been interested in art,” Webb said. “When I was little my older brother, Billy, would teach me. Then in high school I took some college level-art classes.”

Before joining the Marine Corps, Webb’s dream was to attend Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Lakewood, Colo.

“When you apply you have to show your art work to see if you are eligible to attend,” explained the Loveland, Colo. native. “Only 800 students are allowed to attend the school so they are very picky-choosey. I didn’t think they were going to pick me so I [signed up for the delayed entry program] in the Marine Corps.

“[The college] called me for a follow-up interview for a possible full scholarship because they liked my work, but it was a month before I left for boot camp and I had already taken the first oath of enlistment… I cried.”

Although she missed the chance to attend the college of her choice, Webb said she is pleased with the way her life has turned out. “I am really happy about the path I did choose,” she said. “I always say, God puts a fork in the road and every time you choose a path there is always a new fork. There are times I wish I could go back and wait the extra month, but I wouldn’t change where I am now.”

The art enthusiast has been on three deployments and is currently preparing for her fourth with CLB-6. Even in the midst of training with her battalion, Webb has made a way to incorporate art in her day-to-day life.

Recently, CLB-6 became the first 2nd MLG battalion to attend training at Fort Irwin and National Training Center, Calif., where the Army conducts month-long predeployment exercises. It is tradition that once a battalion completes the training, they paint a large rock with their battalion’s insignia, crest or motto.

Webb was assigned to paint the rock for the battalion, which became the first 2nd MLG rock at NTC.

“It’s pretty cool to be the first [2nd MLG] Marine to paint on an Army base,” Webb said. “If I had more time the rock would have had a lot more ‘kazow.’ I wanted people to look at it and think ‘that must be a Marine’s rock.’”

Webb’s talents do not end with a paint brush.

“I like to explore my boundaries,” she said. “I always try to use two types of media in my art work. It shows that you are not a one-minded person.”

Webb said she likes to take her time on her art and prefers not to have a timeline.

“My work is never finished,” she explained. “Someone else may look at it and think it’s done, but I look at it and think of all the work I could still do to it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t believe that one person can judge art, which is why I never entered any competitions.”

Although Webb once saw herself with a career as an artist, she now plans to keep it as a hobby and way of relieving stress. She is now on her second enlistment and is undecided if she wants to make a career out of the Marine Corps.

 “I’m going to take it one enlistment at a time,” she concluded. ;


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