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Lance Cpl. Kenny Jeanfelix, a legal service specialist with Combat Logistics Regiment 27, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, poses for a photo aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., Feb. 23, 2012. The Brooklyn, N.Y., native was nominated for a meritorious promotion after being chosen by Staff Sgt. Tony Holmes, the military justice staff noncommissioned officer in charge, for his leadership, abilities and traits. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Franklin E. Mercado)

Photo by Pfc. Franklin E. Mercado

Hard work pays off for New York native

27 Feb 2012 | Pfc. Franklin E. Mercado

People join the military for an array of reasons, such as the noble cause of serving and protecting their country or for more personal reasons.

For Lance Cpl. Kenny Jeanfelix, a legal service specialist with Combat Logistics Regiment 27, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, it was a person whom was closest to him that influenced his decision to join the Marine Corps.

The Brooklyn, N.Y., native took on many responsibilities as he transcended from an adolescent teen to a man.

Jeanfelix, who is one of nine siblings, attended college classes and worked as an assistant teacher for a local school while caring for his mother.

“I was studying to become a teacher, but we fell into some rough times so I decided to go a different route,” Jeanfelix said. “I told my mom I would either join the military or become a police officer.”

Jeanfelix’s mother, Martine Jeudy, encouraged him to join the military and serve his country.

“My mom was the main person who pushed me to join the [Marines Corps],” Jeanfelix explained. “She said because it was more of a challenge and more rewarding.”

So he did. Jeanfelix enlisted in the Corps Dec. 13, 2009. Though he is a legal service specialist now, it wasn’t the path he chose when he joined.

“I enlisted as an infantryman,” Jeanfelix said. “While I was training at [Infantry Training Battalion, School of Infantry East, Camp Geiger, N.C.], I injured my foot and couldn’t continue with training. Since I had a high [Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery] score they gave me legal services as a choice and I took it.”

The choice wasn’t difficult because he saw the possibility of using the job and training he received after the end of his enlistment.

Jeanfelix attended military occupational specialty school and joined his unit December 2010 after a year of training. Jeanfelix has devoted his time and efforts to his job. He was recently nominated for CLR-27’s meritorious corporal promotion.

“I was shocked in a good way,” Jeanfelix said. “I didn’t know until right before it was happening that I was even put on the board.”

Staff Sgt. Tony Holmes, the military justice staff noncommissioned officer in charge, felt Jeanfelix had what it took to become a noncommissioned officer.

“[Jeanfelix] leads by example,” Holmes said. “Junior Marines are inspired by his actions because of his leadership, abilities and traits.”

Holmes continued with saying Jeanfelix lets his actions speak for themselves, which he said inspires his fellow Marines.

Jeanfelix feels he doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary to stand out; he just takes care of business.

“I like working out, staying in shape and I get my job done,” Jeanfelix said. “Those are normal things every Marine should do.”

Working hard has been the key to success for Jeanfelix, but too much work and no play makes for a dull time. Though he doesn’t go out much, he plays his base guitar and works out on a regular basis.

“I don’t do much,” Jeanfelix said. “I’m pretty low key, I just like playing my guitar and going to the gym.”

Jeanfelix has embodied the Marine persona since enlisting years ago. He doesn’t know what’s next, but as long as he keeps up the hard work and continues to push to be better than yesterday, the next chapter should be as good as the last.


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