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On behalf of the CG, 2d MLG, the Command Inspector General conducts inspections of subordinate units IOT promote combat readiness, integrity, efficiency, effectiveness and credibility.


Provide on-site training/assistance and actionable feedback to the inspected Commander, subordinate organizations and sections; enhance readiness; ensure compliance with appropriate orders and directives; combat fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement; and provide an overall unit assessment to the CG, 2d MLG.

2DMLGO 5040.1R (Commanding General's Inspection Program)

  • To assess the operational readiness of 2d MLG units.
  • To evaluate unit leadership, effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of policies, doctrine, and procedures.
  • To assist in identifying work practices and conditions; which might unnecessarily expose Marines and Sailors to injury or health hazards.
  • To assist commanders by identifying the status requirements and deficiencies of units or the supporting establishment, and by supplying information and assistance to effect positive change.
  • To detect and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, discrimination, sexual harassment, environmental non-compliance, and any other related improprieties prejudicial to good order and discipline.
  • To identify processes and procedures beneficial to the entire MLG.


In all inspections, emphasis will be on assessment of operational readiness, with a view toward rendering maximum training and assistance to the unit being inspected. The following grades will be assessed for each functional area covered during the inspection.

MISSION CAPABLE (MC): The unit possesses and utilizes the requisite skills, equipment, personnel, and knowledge to accomplish its assigned mission, tasks, and functions.

May include “Findings”
Identify noteworthy personnel
Identify programs with “Best Practices”

NON-MISSION CAPABLE (NMC): The unit does not possess or does not use the requisite skills, equipment, personnel, and knowledge to accomplish its assigned mission, tasks and functions.

Requires re-inspection within 90 days of the original inspection date.

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