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To preserve dignity and promote respect for all Marines and other Armed Forces personnel, uniformed and civilian, that are assigned to, or serving with, Marine Corps units by ensuring a clear and common understanding of the prohibited activities and conduct addressed in MCO 5354.1F, their intolerable and corrosive effects on our institution, and proper prevention and response actions.



Office: (910) 451-0399

Cell: (910) 545-2514

Email: katherine.brunson@usmc.mil


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UnitPOCEmailOffice #
CLR 2GySgt Rivera, L.luis.rivera@usmc.mil(910) 450-5782
CLR 27GySgt Figueroa, U.Ulises.f.figueroa.mil@usmc.mil910-451-2056
2d Maintenance Bn.SSgt McGushin, S.stephen.mcgushin@usmc.mil(910) 451-4023
2d Supply Bn.MSgt Wagner, G.brett.m.wagner@usmc.mil(910) 451-0136
2d Supply Bn.PO1 Gonzalez, A.andrea.gonzales@usmc.mil(910) 451-0136
2d Dental Bn.HMC Brown, C.Christopher.a.brown208.mil@mail.mil(252) 466-0438
2d Dental Bn.LCDR Jenista, J.john.s.jenista.mil@mail.mil(910) 449-5109
2d Medical Bn.HMC Phillips, M.michael.k.phillips44.mil@mail.mil(910) 450-5339
2d Medical Bn.PO1 Grant, P.patrice.grant@usmc.mil(910) 450-5339
CLB 2SSgt JohnsonJeremy.L.Johnson@usmc.mil(910) 450-8888
CLB 6GySgt McGuire, J.justin.mcguire@usmc.mi(910) 450-6112
CLB 81stLt Chapman, R.raven.chapman@usmc.mil(910) 451-2940
CLB 81stLt Raleigh, Rrobert.w.raleigh@usmc.mil(910) 451-5521
CLB 221stLt Richards, T.tiffany.richards@usmc.mil(910) 451-7250
CLB 24SSgt Torres, R.roberto.c.torres1@usmc.mil(910) 451-6875
CLB 26MSgt Sanchez, E.erik.sanchez@usmc.mil(910) 451-7387
CLB 26CPO Potts, R.rodney.k.potts1@usmc.mil(910) 451-1882
2d TBSSgt Eng, B.brenden.eng@usmc.mil(910) 451-8787
2d TB1stLt Tobalt, P.paul.tobalt@usmc.mil(910) 451-8787
2d LSBGySgt Shepardbrown, R.randolph.shepardbrown@usmc.mil(910) 450-6616
8th ESB1stLt Stewart, R.rebecca.stewart@usmc.mil(910) 451-1687
CLC 21SSgt Aiken, S.Solomon.aiken@usmc.mil(910) 466-3566