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The 2d MLG Hotline provides members of 2d MLG, both military and civilian, with a confidential means of reporting suspicious activity concerning fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement.  The hotline is managed by the Office of the Command Inspector General.  Civilian and military personnel as well as private citizens may utilize the hotline.  Disclosures via the hotline should be made as soon as information is available.

It is the policy of this command to fully support all efforts to ensure the efficient and effective use of all available resources and to actively pursue the elimination of fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement and related improprieties within 2d MLG.

The following are examples of issues appropriate for reporting through the hotline:

  -  Abuse of title or position
  -  Conflicts of interest
  -  Ethics Violations
  -  False official statements/claims
  -  Fraud
  -  Improper referral for mental health evaluation
  -  Mismanagement
  -  Reprisal

Click here for  the: 2D MLGO 5370.1 CIG.pdf

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