a. Behavior zones (based on "reasonable person" standard)

         (1) Always unacceptable, e.g., seeking sexual favors in return for favorable evaluation, making supervisory decisions based on race/gender, and "hate" mail, racial/sexual slurs, comments, jokes, sexually suggestive touching.  The most severe forms of red zone behavior are clearly criminal, like rape, and assault.

              (a) Behavior that is criminal in nature cannot be resolved by using the IRS. Such behavior must be reported through appropriate law enforcement channels.

              (b) Non-criminal, if resolved and recipient does not desire further action, should merely be reported and documented for supervisor's information.

         (2) Acceptable. Includes counseling on performance or military appearance. Normal social interaction; polite compliment; touching which could not reasonably be perceived in a sexual or threatening way; and friendly conversation.

     b. Roles
         (1) Recipient. One who feels offended/harassed.
         (2) Offending person. One who may have offended/harassed another.

         (3) Third party. One approached by recipient or by offending person or who observes inappropriate behavior.

         (4) Supervisor. Anyone who has subordinates, regardless of grade or rank, and who is approached by any of the above three (or who himself/herself observes inappropriate behavior).

     c. Resolution Options (Under IRS)

         (1) Direct. Recipient attempts to resolve conflict directly with offending person. This is the preferred method of resolving conflict.

         (2) Informal Third Party. Recipient (or offending person) enlists the informal assistance of some other person to help resolve the conflict.

         (3) Training Information Resources. Generic, non-accusatory command training.

               (a) May be requested anonymously

              (b) The Training Information Resources coordinator notifies the commander, and the commander determines if Training Information Resources are appropriate to address the issue.

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