8th Engineer Support Battalion demolishes Dodge City

2 Feb 2018 | 2nd Marine Logistics Group

Camp Lejeune, N.C. – Marines with Bravo Company, 8th Engineer Support Battalion, demolished a portion of Stone Bay aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., Jan 23 – 31, 2018.

The project is intended to make better use of the land, and allow for the development of modern, updated firing ranges.

“In combat, enemies won’t be standing still and they won’t always be standing in the same place,” said 1st Lt. Brett Renfoe, 1st platoon commander of Bravo Company, 8th ESB.

“The idea is to demolish the range that is already here and eventually build a new set of ranges that can simulate real life scenarios, ultimately preparing Marines for combat.”

According to Renfoe, it’s not often that Marines get to demolish concrete structures, so the experience the Marines received is invaluable.

It is not uncommon for Marines to receive a mission with little to no time to get the job done, and adding weather into the mix only makes things harder.

“It’s easy to set a deadline, it’s another thing to get the job done while battling the elements,” said Cpl. Wesley Solem, a combat engineer with 1st platoon, Bravo Company.

Solem also underlined that the training allowed junior Marines to get some experience with the tools they will be using in a deployed environment.

“When we are in a deployed environment, there may be times when a forward operating base needs to be demolished so we can build a new one and this training will prepare the Marines for that.” Said Sgt. Christian Eskadge, a combat engineer with 2nd platoon, Bravo Company.

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