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U.S. Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Michael E. McWilliams, left, commanding general, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, and Lt. Colleen Cronin, director of the Human Performance Center, cut a ceremonial ribbon during the grand opening of the Human Performance Center on Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Feb. 15, 2024. 2nd MLG invested in a Human Performance Center focused on integrating all domains of Marine Corps Total Fitness and optimizing human performance. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jessica J. Mazzamuto)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jessica Mazzamuto

2nd Marine Logistics Group Unveils Human Performance Center

16 Feb 2024 | 1st Lt. Raymond Fullbright 2nd Marine Logistics Group

To enhance the readiness of Marines and Sailors, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (2nd MLG) has invested in a Human Performance Center (HPC) focused on integrating all domains of Marine Corps Total Fitness and optimizing human performance. The facility will serve as a centralized hub for service members to access a diverse array of resources that support social, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

This state-of-the-art center is a testament to 2nd MLG’s commitment to cultivating a ready and resilient force. The establishment of the Human Performance Center marks a shift from traditional fitness facilities to a comprehensive hub of fitness expertise and resources that support the mind, body, and spirit.

“The Human Performance Program as a whole, is the operationalization of the Marine Corps Total Fitness Strategic Plan through a multifunctional platform,” said U.S. Navy Lieutenant Colleen Cronin, 2nd MLG Human Performance Director, “We are ensuring our program meets the Commander’s intent, and is one that can be replicated by other units across the Marine Corps.”

At the heart of the center lies the integration of subject matter experts in every domain of fitness. From physical trainers to mental health professionals, spiritual advisors to social support coordinators, the HPC will offer Marines and Sailors access to a suite of resources, tailored to their personal, professional, and operational needs.

The HPC differentiates itself from other gyms by providing service members with an abundance of resources all in one central location. “We seek to integrate physical, mental, spiritual and social fitness into everything we do,” says Cronin.

The HPC is focused on connecting Marines and Sailors with the right tools, in the right place, at the right time. Each facet of fitness will have a designated expert that responsible for guiding and directing methods to integrate their domain of fitness. This involves designing classes, training sessions, and events that are catered to the needs of Marines and Sailors.

“We are unified around one thing,” said Brig. Gen. Michael E. McWilliams, Commanding General of 2nd MLG, “that is ensuring that we leave no resources on the table when it comes to building our young men and women into combat ready, resilient warfighters.”
Expanding beyond the center, HPC training involves collaboration with Force Fitness Instructors and unit leaders to extend knowledge, skills, and training beyond the confines of the building itself. Staff and coaches have the flexibility to visit units and provide both classroom instruction and practical application during Professional Military Education sessions.

When asked about his role at the HPC, Levi Hill, 2nd MLG Strength and Conditioning Coach, answered, “My role is to provide training and education on strength conditioning, to help write programs for individuals, provide group training sessions for units, and aid in developing sustainable strength and conditioning programs.”

The staff of the HPC updates their programs to continuously meet the dynamic needs of the Marines and Sailors it supports. Classes tailored for each of the four fitness domains aim to fortify skills and instill positive behavioral changes that Marines and Sailors can take with them well past their time in uniform.

“We have also ensured that as we develop our practices,” said Cronin, “we maintain a data driven and evidence-based approach, learning from those that came before us, and implementing measures to make sure we continue to learn and evolve from our own efforts.”

Classes such as Warrior Resiliency Workshops aim to strengthen skills and cultivate positive habits in one’s life. Spiritual counseling seminars offer a space for mental well-being, further fostering resilience, while nutrition classes contribute to overall fitness by providing valuable insights into fueling the body for peak performance.

“Our goal is to positively shape behavior change in our Marines and Sailors,” said Summer Tietz, 2nd MLG Performance Dietician, “so that we can increase our Marines and Sailors’ performance as well as their resiliency.”

Along with classes and physical training sessions, the HPC hosts routine events focused on physical competition and social growth. These events create a competitive atmosphere with a leaderboard, but also promote a positive social environment by integrating service members from different units within 2nd MLG in one space to encourage and embrace friendly competition.

By hosting subject matter experts and reinforcing existing total fitness resources, the HPC provides a deeper level of support and promotes lasting change for the Marines and Sailors of 2nd MLG. The 2nd MLG Human Performance Center’s launch represents a key milestone in the Marine Corps' commitment to fostering holistic human performance and dedication to ensuring a well-rounded, resilient force that is poised and ready for any personal, professional, or operational challenges they may face.