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First Lt. Jack M. Young, the executive officer for 8th Engineer Support Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 25, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, shows Argentine Marines the combat endurance course aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., April 8, 2010. The Argentine Marines visited II Marine Expeditionary Force units as part of a theatre engagement program designed to improve military relationships around the world.

Photo by Pfc. Bruno Bego

Argentine Marines visit Camp Lejeune

12 Apr 2010 | Pfc. Bruno Bego

Argentine Marines visited Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., April 8, as part of a theatre engagement program for Argentina’s military improvement.

The purpose of the visit was to give the Argentineans an opportunity to observe training within the II Marine Expeditionary Force and to share ideas in order to help them improve their military facilities.

Lt. Col. William J. Truax, the 8th Engineer Support Battalion commanding officer along with Capt. Francisco Reyes, a member of the Southern Military Group from the U.S. Embassy in Argentina, served as escorts during the visit.

“The visit helps to maintain good relations between our countries,” explained Truax. “The interaction among countries is important because we learn from them and they learn from us.”

During the tour, the Argentineans visited the Battle Skills Training School where they learned how Marines train for combat. They also toured the water treatment facility, where they saw some of the equipment used for water purification in a deployed environment.

Among the Marines visited from Argentina were Lt. Col. Luis Cormick, a communications specialist with Infantry Instruction Control, Capt. Miguel A. Vaca, an infantry officer with 2nd Infantry Battalion, and Gunnery Sgt. Jose Martin, an infantry senior enlisted advisor with Headquarters Company.

“We are excited to see and learn the way the U.S. military works,” Cormick said. “This event benefits our understanding in many aspects of our support and gives us an idea of what we can improve.”

The interaction between Argentineans and Americans during this engagement proved to be a positive step in the right direction as they continue to maintain relations between the two countries.