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Brig. Gen. Michael G. Dana, commanding general of 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), addresses Marines with Combat Logistics Battalion 7, aboard Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan, Oct. 14, as their seven-month deployment draws to a close. Dana acknowledged the accomplishments of the battalion during his speech to the unit, as well as at the transfer of authority ceremony the next day. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Katherine M. Solano)

Photo by Cpl. Katherine M. Solano

‘You’re on’: CLB-1 takes over battle space

15 Oct 2011 | Cpl. Katherine M. Solano 2nd Marine Logistics Group

Combat Logistics Battalion 7 transferred authority to CLB-1, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward), during a ceremony aboard Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan, Oct. 15.

During the ceremony, Lt. Col. Craig. P. Barnett, the CLB-7 commanding officer, highlighted the accomplishments of his Marines and sailors. He spoke of their unwavering dedication to duty and mission accomplishment.

“Often we collect statistics and miles driven as a measure of performance, but one of the things I’m most proud of is these guys never really focused on all those statistics,” he said. “It wasn’t really important to them. They focused on the mission.”

Barnett also addressed the mission CLB-7 was given by Brig. Gen. Michael G. Dana, commanding general of 2nd MLG (FWD), at the beginning of their seven-month tour.

“[He] gave us three focus areas we needed to work on: take care of the Regimental Combat Team 5 grunts, take care of the equipment, and take care of our Afghan partners,” Barnett began. “These Marines and sailors did all of those things. There were no combat operations, to my knowledge, failed or even hindered due to a lack of logistics support. When I went out there on the battlefield, I saw these Marines doing everything above and beyond what they were asked to do to make the grunts’ lives better.”

Dana agreed, saying “You Marines came in at the top of your game in the beginning, you stayed that way the whole time, and you finished strong.”

He continued by thanking CLB-7 and stating that he looked forward to working with the Marines with CLB-1.

Dana concluded by directly addressing CLB-1, and saying, simply, “You’re on.”

In his speech that followed, Lt. Col. Brian Kane, commanding officer of CLB-1, stated that CLB-1 had a positive record in Afghanistan from years prior, and would “continue the good things CLB-7 has set up for us.”