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Boxes of excess gear and equipment are staged at the sort lot aboard Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, Dec. 22, as part of Operation Clean Sweep. After being inventoried and cleaned, this gear will be shipped back to the United States or to a unit currently deployed. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Michael Augusto)

Photo by Cpl. Michael Augusto

2nd MLG (FWD) continues Operation Clean Sweep, accounts for millions of dollars worth of gear and equipment

1 Jan 2012 | 2nd Lt. James F. Stenger 2nd Marine Logistics Group

Over the last three months, Marine and Sailors of the 2nd Marine Logistics Group (Forward) have accounted for, sorted, cleaned and processed several millions of dollars worth of gear and equipment in support of Operation Clean Sweep aboard Camp Leatherneck and Camp Dwyer.

This operation is part of Regional Command Southwest’s plan for redeployment and retrograde in support of reset and reconstitution (R4), which is a four-part term commonly used to refer to the concept of how the Marine Corps will most efficiently and effectively leave Afghanistan.

Planning for the departure of forces has become a primary focus of operations, along with the continued training of Afghan National Security Forces.

Not only is the plan facilitating the process of leaving Afghanistan, but it is saving the Marine Corps money by identifying excess gear and reallocating it to the units deployed, vice ordering new equipment to be shipped here.

According to statistics compiled by Maj. Ken Karcher, the future operations officer for 2nd MLG (FWD) and officer in charge of redeployment and retrograde (R2) operations, Marines and Sailors attached to the sort lots and supply management units have recovered roughly $30 million worth of excess supplies.

These items are currently being either shipped to Marine commands in the United States or reallocated to units currently fighting in support of International Security Assistance Force operations.