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Lance Cpl. Donald R. Killian, a motor vehicle operator with Combat Logistics Battalion 8, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, straps a vehicle down during a long range convoy that began aboard Camp Lejeune, N.C., March 12, 2011. The Canton, Penn., native has worked with heavy machinery as a farmer since a young age. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Bruno J. Bego)

Photo by Cpl. Bruno J. Bego

Marine uses previous experience, applies it in Corps

22 Mar 2012 | Pfc. Franklin E. Mercado 2nd Marine Logistics Group

To love your job is to know your job, and one Marine takes that seriously.

Lance Cpl. Donald R. Killian, a motor vehicle operator with Combat Logistics Battalion 8, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, is an expert in his trade and had the opportunity to be the first Marine to haul a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement MK-31, with an M-970 trailer attached, to shore from a Landing Craft Utility.

The training operation during which this feat took place was held along a stretch of beach in Morehead City, N.C., Feb. 6.

“We were doing beach landings as training and I was the first to take the MK-31 to shore with the trailer attached to it,” said Killian.

Killian was one of two Marines on the exercise who could have taken the truck off the amphibious vehicle, so he did his job and maneuvered the MTVR MK-31 to shore with precision.

“Lance Cpl. Killian has a great work ethic,” said Sgt. John Kovack, a platoon sergeant with CLB-8. “When you give him a task, he doesn’t stop till it’s done.”

Kovack added the quality of work Killian does is exceptional.

“[With] his quality of work, you don’t have to supervise it,” Kovack said. “He goes the extra mile to make sure the task is done.”

The Canton, Penn., native worked in agriculture growing up as a young adult acquiring skills many people don’t normally learn throughout their lives. The familiarity he gained working with those systems gave him the love for what he does day to day in the Marine Corps.

“I farmed and worked at a body shop while I was in high school,” Killian said. “I grew up around big trucks and farm equipment. It's all like second nature to me and I really enjoy it.”

That joy for the job is obvious when Killian speaks about his future plans. He plans on owning a wrecker to work with later on in life.

“I hope to go to [Vehicle System Wrecker School] soon. I spent the majority of my last deployment doing [vehicle] recoveries and I really enjoyed it,” he said. “I'm just going to continue to do my best as a [vehicle] operator and gain as much knowledge and experience as I can. Hopefully one day down the road I can get out and have my own wrecker service.”

Killian plans on taking part in any upcoming deployment, so he can gain more experience and use what he learns to his advantage once he begins to work toward his personal goals.