-  Familiarize yourself with 2d MLGO 5041.1

-  Reconcile the latest IGMC Functional Area (FA) Checklist with the associated directives for each question:   
   -  http://www.2ndmlg.marines.mil/ForTheMarines/CommandInspectorGeneral.aspx
   -  http://www.iimef.marines.mil/UnitHome/CommandInspectorGeneral.aspx
   -  http://www.hqmc.marines.mil/igmc/UnitHome.aspx

-  Encourage two-way communication between the inspector and unit representative; foster a climate of trust and confidence

-  Maintain the highest standards of conduct and personal appearance: be courteous, approachable and tolerant; be objective and impartial

-  Teach/Assist/Inspect; provide a productive learning experience

-  Focus on major issues

-  Seek the root cause of the problem(s)

-  Allow units to correct findings/discrepancies

-  Assist the unit in developing solutions by providing recommendations; share best business practices

-  Provide recognition of noteworthy performance and programs

-  Verbally debrief the inspected area with the unit representative; provide a copy of the detailed inspection checklist; reconcile your Inspection Report Summary

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