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The Command Sponsorship Program mission statement is:

“To maximize readiness of our new arrivals and their families by being attentive to their needs, through personalized services and professional administrative support.”

Information about Camp Lejeune can be obtained by visiting the Camp Lejeune Website.

Upon receipt of your new orders to 2D Medical Battalion/2D MLG, Camp Lejeune please complete this form: Prospective Gain Questionnaire and send it to the Command Sponsorship Coordinator.


Check in with the the OOD and S-1 in Bldg. 327, 2D Medical Battalion Headquarters, which is located on H street. The hours of operation are: Monday - Friday 0730 – 1630. 

Check-in uniform for E-6 and below is Dress Whites or Dress Blues and for CPO’s and Officer’s is Summer Whites or Dress Blues.  All service members must have their Original orders, Service Record, Health and Dental Records, and a valid active duty ID card.  Single or unaccompanied enlisted service members (E-5 and below), will receive billeting assignment in the barracks. 

All service members checking in on a weekend holiday or after working hours must see the duty OOD for further instruction.


All motorized vehicles operated aboard Camp Lejeune must be registered with the Vehicle Registration Section of the Provost Marshal's Office.

Permanent decals are not issued on weekends or holidays.  Sailors assigned to New River need to register their vehicles at Bldg. AS-211 aboard the Air Station.  Sailors assigned to Cherry Point need to register at Bldg. 251, which is located at the front gate.

For a list of required documents in order to obtain a permanent decal or temporary pass, please visit the Pass & Registration website.


Dogs, cats, tropical fish, turtles, guinea pigs, white mice, gerbils and caged birds are the only pets authorized in family housing.  Other pets must be specifically authorized in writing by the Commanding General, Marine Corps Base.  Cats and dogs must be registered with the Base Veterinary Office (910) 450-1607.
A wide variety of dogs and cats are available for adoption at the animal shelter located on Parachute Tower Road.  For information call 451-2695.

Pet registration at New River is coordinated at Bldg. AS-213 during normal working hours.  At Cherry Point, pets can be registered at the Veterinary Treatment Facility during normal business hours, located at building 293, 4th Avenue Cherry Point, North Carolina.  For more information call (252) 466-2166.


All privately owned firearms on base must be registered with the Base Provost Marshal, Room #2, Bldg. 3 and Bldg. AS211 at the New River Air Station.  Only those persons living in base housing (family quarters) may maintain their firearms in their quarters. BEQ and BOQ residents must store their weapons in a unit armory.  The brand name, model number, serial number, location of, caliber, barrel length, action and proof of ownership are required for registration. For more information call PMO at 451-2455.

All military personnel who live onboard MCAS, Cherry Point and own a fire arm are required to register with the Provost Marshal Office, Bldg 294 within 72 hours after arrival. All military that live off post, civilians, or retired military personnel who desire to enter the installation with a weapon are required to register weapon(s) with the Provost Marshal Office at the front gate prior to bringing the weapon(s) onto the installation. When entering the installation with a weapon you must immediately notify the guard at the gate of your possession, show valid permits and at the guards request a clear chamber with a locked trigger guard on any pistols. In addition you must notify them of your destination and intent.


There are five bachelor officer quarters located on the Camp Lejeune/New River complex: Paradise Point, Camp Geiger, MCAS New River, Courthouse Bay and Camp Johnson.  For information call 451-2146 or 451-1385.

The newly renovated Lejeune Inn is available as a home away from home for those new to the area.  The Inn has 90 rooms with two double beds, kitchenette, TV, VCR, cable, laundry facilities on the premises and other amenities; irons and coffee pots.  The Inn is open 24 hours a day.  Sorry, no pets allowed.

The Lejeune Inn is located on Holcomb Blvd., Bldg. 896, across from the Burger King. For information please call 451-3041.

Cherry Point Temporary Lodging Transient Quarters are available and is open 24 hours.  Officer Quarters located at Bldg 487, Madison Drive. For more information please call (252) 466-5169.  Enlisted Quarters located at Bldg 3673 F Street. For more information please call (252) 466-3060.


Applications for assignment to Marine Corps Family Housing (DD Form 1746) should be completed and mailed, or brought, to the Family Housing Office, Bldg. TT-43, Tarawa Terrace, NC 28543, as soon as a military sponsor knows of an upcoming move to this area, or within 30 working days of reporting for duty.

The Family Housing Office maintains 4,640 units aboard Camp Lejeune and neighboring New River, including 187 mobile home spaces.  Many homes have been renovated, and renovations on other quarters are either in progress or scheduled.  All quarters offer central air conditioning and heating.

Military sponsors must report to the Family Housing Office prior to renting, leasing or purchasing a home.  In addition to information on government quarters, the Family Housing Office maintains listings of available off-base rentals and sales.  The office also provides listings of public and private schools and local churches.  A visit to the Family Housing Office could save you money.

Junior enlisted are eligible for two bedroom quarters in Midway Park or Tarawa Terrace and three bedroom quarters in Tarawa Terrace.

NCOs are eligible for one, two or three bedroom quarters in Tarawa Terrace, and four bedroom townhouses in Watkins Village.

SNCOs are eligible for three or four bedroom houses in Berkeley Manor or New River and four bedroom townhouses in Watkins Village.

Company grade and field grade officers are eligible for assignment to housing at Paradise Point or New River.  Normally, senior field grade officers are assigned to Paradise Point.

Waiting times for assignment to government quarters may vary from one to 18 months. For additional information call (910) 450-1627 or write Family Housing Division, Bldg. TT-43, Tarawa Terrace, North Carolina 28543 or email the office at familyhousing@lejeune.usmc.mil


Information regarding household goods and personal effects is available from the Distribution Management Office, Bldg. 1011, or by calling (910) 451-2377.  At the New River Air Station call (910) 449-6776.  Information for Cherry Point call (252) 466-2345.


The Camp Lejeune Children, Youth, and Teen Programs offer affordable options to meet the needs of our military families.  After registering, you have access to the following programs:

  • Full-time childcare for 6 weeks to 12 years of age
  • Hourly Care
  • Family Child Care
  • Saturday Night Care
  • Before/After School Care
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America Programs at Youth Pavilions

Registration must be completed prior to using any of these services.  Registration is conducted at Bldg. 1966, Monday-Friday, 0800-1600.  Bring child’s shot record, LES/Pay Stub (only necessary if registering for full-time or part-time care), and Health Assessment.  For more information call the Resource and Referral office at 910-451-1315/2238 or visit the following website http://www.mccslejeune.com/cyt.html.  The registration package is available on the web site to print prior to arriving.

 Cherry Point information: contact 466-6886 Bldg 4629/4298 (adjacent to Commissary).


The Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools (CLDS) are operated by the Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DoD DDESS).  All funding and support is provided by DoD DDESS.  A locally elected School Board participates in the development of policies.  CLDS policy is administered by the central office administration.  There are six elementary schools, a middle school, and a senior high school.  Approximately 577 full-time staff including 300 certified professional personnel is employed by the school system.  Student enrollment is approximately 3,500. For more information, call (910) 451-1627/1628.http://www.am.dodea.edu/lejeune/


Boston University http://www.bu.edu/military/graduate_military_locations/mcb_camp_lejeune_new_river/index.html

Campbell University


Coastal Carolina Community College


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

University of North Carolina Wilmington


Webster University



Base Education Office 451-3091/3092

Hours of operation Monday through Friday 0730-1630


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